We offer solutions for every use case

Are you planning to create an online tutoring business?
Do you have a solution and want to add a live collaboration?

1. White Labelling

If you don’t have a solution yet and the core functionality of LiveBoard with a few changes will be good for you, then “White Labeling” can be a great choice. What white labelling can give you:
Custom domain/ subdomain
Your brand logo and colouring scheme
Fully custom landing page

2. Embedding LiveBoard into your solution

If you already have a website with your preferred page structure, content and production-ready features, and need to add Live collaboration into it, then LiveBoard is the right choice. What we offer for your case:
Ready API to connect with our servers
Opening a live session with one click
Fully custom landing page
Sending all boards, sessions, recordings from our servers per request

3. Fully Custom solution

If you don’t have any ready solution, and our existing features set is not enough as well, then our development team can build a fully custom solution for you using our domain expertise, existing codebase and solutions.

Companies using LiveBoard API

Peer Tutor is an online peer tutoring app to provide instant support when learners are stuck on homework or revision.
Tutor Platform is designed to make non-formal teaching and learning more interactive, organized and enjoyable for everyone involved in these processes

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