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With over 100000 teachers already using LiveBoard to take their teaching experience to the next level, this popular new technology is transforming lessons across the globe.

Enhance Your Classroom

LiveBoard is the perfect cross-platform whiteboard solution, whether you’re teaching or tutoring online, or you want to provide a more interactive experience for classroom teaching.

Connect at Any Distance

Easily connect with your students worldwide with real-time, digital collaboration and audio conferencing. Turn any touchscreen device into a virtual whiteboard with LiveBoard.

Straightforward Digital Learning

Whiteboard technology that’s accessible and easy to use for teachers and students alike. Simply log in and go!

Recorded, Saved and Organised

Each one of your lessons is recorded and made available for later reference. You can easily pull up past lessons from your archive and share them with anyone.

Do your best work

With Clear Audio Conferencing During Lessons

  • Focus on the students and let the LiveBoard take care of clearly communicating your lesson.
  • Get to know LiveBoard’s functions and you’ll find it simple and intuitive to use.
  • Engage your students with video chat and in-app messaging support when needed.
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Why Teachers Love LiveBoard

Here what a few of our many happy customers have to say about LiveBoard
Ashiedu Jude
This app has a very versatile usage in education. It beats hands down other similar apps. I would love sticky notes functionality for collaborative classroom. Thanks for making this app available to teachers.
Isaac Javier
I have to say something ... This application is the most fabulous I've seen in my entire life.
Marhya King
In 5 seconds I knew this is what I always needed Can't wait to really use it to its potential. I am always drawing diagrams as I think of them for work. And I don't always have a pencil and pen ( waiting at sons soccer practice, doctors office, etc.) The lines are crisp and clean - so should work out really well. Thanks!
Thumbs Up Developers. You People really Deserve a 5 Star Rating for it. Nice Concept and Better Execution.
Richard Brookes
Simply Awesome! close to perfect. it can only get better and im sure with every update it will. one of the best live whiteboards I have ever used.

How LiveBoard Stands Out From The Crowd

Your digital whiteboard experience doesn't need to be complicated. We like to keep it simple.
Mobile application
Communication feature
Super support
No credit card required
iOS + Android
Communication feature
Super support
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